frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions


01. i know i want to book a session, what else should i know?

after each session is photographed, edited, we will meet for your reveal session where you get to see your photos for the first time. during this session we help you to choose what types of art you would like.


02. what type of printing do you offer?

we print through a professional printing service which allows us to print all types of products ranging from canvas art to full body cutouts! each type of printing is available in many different sizes which we can touch on more during our post photoshoot meeting!


03. what should i be prepared to spend?

the typical client spends between $1200-$6000 for their session and personalized pieces of art.


04. what all can you do?

we can do just about anything! we have made albums, cards, announcements, calendars, an even photo transfers. have a crazy idea you want to try? we love those and would love to here it, and will try our darnedest to make it a reality!


05. what makes us different?

the most important thing is that we make art, we do not just push out  mass produced product. because of this our goal is to make each moment through the photoshoot process memorable. we know getting your photo can be uncomfortable sometimes, and matching five peoples outfits is hard, and picking the right sized images out for your living room is even harder. we want this to be a fun experience so we do it for you. we will help you match your outfits, make the photoshoots fun, and can even show you n example of your new canvas in your living room so you know exactly what it will look like!


06. do you offer other types of photoshoots?

we do! we offer everything you can think of from boudoir, sports photos, food photography, architectural photography, and have even been known to photograph a pet here and there. we also offer shortened versions of the majority of our photoshoots for a reduced price! you can contact us through our contact form under menu and we will get back to you with a price estimate for whatever you are dreaming up! 


07. do you offer other services such as videography?


we do offer other services in terms of graphic design, and printing help, but we do not currently offer videography in house. we are however proud to say we partner with another local business. C Rips Media creates gorgeous videography of weddings and other events and we are proud to partner with another Colorado company!


08. do you make cards?


yes we do, tyler designs cards, announcements, albums and so much more exactly to the clients specifications. we do this so each piece is unique, creative and matches exactly what you envision!