An emotional estes park wedding

Lindsey contacted me close to two years before her wedding asking me to photograph her day in Estes Park. All she said was, I love your work, we are not from Colorado and it’s a big deal to me that we’re having our wedding here and I want it to be perfect. After talking with Lindsey some more, I found out that Lindsay had lost her mom and was really struggling with the whole new world she was living in. Lindsey went on to tell me that the reason they chose YMCA Rockies in Estes Park was because that’s where her parents were married. So having a wedding here in light of the struggles she was having with losing her mom was very important to her. For those of you who don’t know, my mom, not only helped me open tyler.paige eight years ago but also comes to weddings as my second photographer. It’s one of those things I absolutely love, I get to spend extra time with her, we have to problem solve together and it’s something just between us. Last December, my mom was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and we went through quite a few months of surgery, countless doctors appointments, chemo therapy, the list goes on and on. All of my clients for this year knew it may be someone else helping me, because I was unsure if my mom was going to feel well enough to help and work the long wedding days. Everyone was gracious and understood the situation. The Shiber‘s wedding was one of the first weddings my mom was able to shoot with me this year after finishing her first round of chemo. Being able to photograph Lindsey‘s wedding who was still so connected to her mom, even bringing along her ashes to the site was something that I tried very hard to make perfect. My mom being able to be there to help me bring Lindsey‘s vision to life was something that I didn’t know was going to be possible earlier this year, and made us being able to help Lindsey celebrate not only her new marriage but also her mom that much more special. Lindsey‘s brother walked her down the aisle as she has also lost her father, there was a special chair up front for her mom‘s ashes to sit, a deer showed up in the middle of the ceremony and walked right down to the guests which is a sign if I have ever seen one, it rained the whole wedding and more tears of joy were shed at this wedding than any wedding I have ever attended, and at the end Lindsey spread some of her mom‘s ashes and started a new chapter as a Shiber.

Bride's dress and wedding details
Image of the bride's ring
The bride brought her mom's ashes to her wedding
groom getting ready
Bride getting ready
Bride and her bridesmairds
Groom and the groomsmen getting ready
Groom and his father and dad
Bride about to see her bridesmaids for the first time
Bride and bridesmaids first look
Bride and bridesmaids first look
Bride and bridesmaids photos
Bride and bridesmaids photos
Bride seeing her brother for the first time
Bride and groom first look
Bride and groom first look
Bride and groom first look
Bridal party
Bridal party images
Bride and bridesmaids as it was raining
Bride and groom
YMCA of the Rockies venue location
Brother of the bride walking mom's ashes down the aisle
Flower dude welcoming the bride
Brother walking the bride down the aisle
bride walking down the aisle
bride and grooming saying their vows
bride saying her vows
Bride's daughter crying during ceremony
A deer showed up during the ceremony
Bride and groom saying their vows
The Bride's mother's ashes looking on at the ceremony
Bride and Groom's first kiss
Bride hugging her kids after the ceremony
Bride spreading her mother's ashes
Bride and groom portraits
Bride and groom portraits
Bride and groom portraits
Bridal portraits and ceremony reception
groomsmen barbequing after the ceremony
The bride and groom got matching tattoos before the wedding
bride and groom portraits
Bride and groom portraits at sunset