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what comes in a wedding package?

I am very honored to be able to photograph so many couples. Although I try to make each wedding unique to the couple, there are a few things that I offer to every couple who chooses tyler.paige for their wedding day. These things include:

complimentary engagement session. If you are anything like me you will want to hang the photos of your wedding day ALL OVER your home, so why not have some more casual photos that match your wedding photos so you can hang EVEN MORE! (These will be available on an online gallery)

I always bring an associate photographer along to every wedding. I want to make sure we do not miss a thing so having an extra photographer helps make this happen. This photographer comes at NO EXTRA CHARGE, WOOHOO!

personalized USB with every edited wedding photograph.

optional viewing session when your photos are edited (we can chat more about this!)

a detailed, overly planned and ridiculously organized day of the wedding shot list and plan. This is created specifically for every wedding and helps me make sure I do not miss a single shot that you want! Plus, it makes your life easier on the day of, you don't have to worry!

plenty of bad jokes and worse dance moves.

what makes tyler.paige different?

tyler.paige is different because I based the company on life. the photographs I create are not based on being perfect, I don't want them to look like they came from a JCPenny catalog. I want them to show who you and your family are, I mean all in all these photos are all about you!


whatever makes you tick is what I want to showcase, so bring the good, the bad and the ugly and lets make some magic!

what do I wear to my session?

this session is all about you, I want you to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. with that said, there are a few piece that always come out looking fire! I generally recommend staying away from 100% matchy matchy and from very loose clothing, but otherwise whatever makes you feel the most you, thats what you should wear!

pieces I will always say yes to:



layers, layers, layers




champagne, beer, wine (ok honestly just alcohol)



have an outfit you are interested in wearing or want some input on? send me a photo (or 10) and let's plan out something awesome!

Do you offer printing services?

I do offer printing services! I print through a third party that prints only for photographers.

I do not include any prints with my session fee, but I can and do print anything and everything. there are a few pieces I print most often. I always recommend going a little bit bigger then you think when printing to hang on the wall.

although there are hundreds of places you can take your images to get printed on your own, I really encourage you to print through tyler.paige. I can guarantee that the prints you will receive by printing though tyler.paige will be higher quality than anywhere else you may choose to print. they will also be personal, and will help support two small American businesses. I cannot guarantee the quality of the prints when they are printed anywhere but through the company I use.

My favorite things to print:


canvas prints


personalized cards

prints on metal

wood prints

What all do you photograph?

although I love to photograph just about anything, I have turned my focus. as stated throughout my website I specialize on weddings, couples, elopements and portraits.

so what fits in each of those categories?

portraits include:


bridal portraits





couples include:




reception only photos