Get to know tyler

who is tyler?

My why

“I have spent over eight years behind the camera. I have the best job in the world. I have found joy in all different parts and pieces of life. In a world filled with photographers, it is no doubt that who ever you pick will give you great photos, but I am here for more. I not only work to deliver great photos, I strive to give you an experience that is memorable, enjoyable and unapologetically you.”

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A recent wedding where a client had my photos blown up at the entrance of her reception for all the guests to see.

little things about me

i grew up everywhere

When I was younger I went to 9 elementary schools, moved every two years, and lived in 14 houses by the time I moved out on my own.


i love food

I eat like a 4 year old. I love chicken nuggets, ice cream, candy, slurpees and bread, bread, bread and more bread.

I also love to photograph food and do it often!


the history of tyler.paige

tyler.paige photography opened in 2013. since then I have photographed everything from newborns to sports, as well as families, events, and seniors. I have loved every photoshoot, but my true passion is wedding photography, couples & portraits.


so you can get to know me better, here are some photos that make me happy.

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behind the scenes

Making your wedding day fun and memorable is something I work hard to accomplish. Here is a behind the scenes video from a recent wedding.

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