The Giengers' Wedding Day: A Joyful Celebration Despite the Rain The wedding day of the Giengers was a perfect example of how love can overcome any obstacle, even the weather. Despite the rain, the couple started their day in a mountain cabin, getting ready for their big day. From there, it was off to Genesee, Colorado, where they exchanged their vows and celebrated their love at The Pines of Genesee. The ceremony was a beautiful affair, with a touching tribute to the Bride's mom, who had passed away. The couple had a memory chair set up in her honor, reminding everyone of the love and memories that they shared with her. As the day continued, the rain began to let up, allowing the couple to fully enjoy their reception. The Pines of Genesee provided an elegant and intimate setting, perfect for celebrating with friends and family. The night was full of laughter, love, and joy as the couple danced the night away with their loved ones. The dessert table was a highlight of the evening, featuring an array of delicious treats that satisfied everyone's sweet tooth. The couple also had a photo booth set up, where guests could snap pictures and create lasting memories of the special day. Overall, the Giengers' wedding day was a testament to the power of love and the ability to find joy in any situation. Despite the rain, the couple and their loved ones celebrated their love and created memories that will last a lifetime.